Tom Vaughn

My Mission

With over two decades of sworn, law enforcement experience, I am the ONLY candidate that has the PROVEN experience to lead the the largest sheriff's department in the state. With your help, together, we can lower crime, save money, and get back to the basics of community policing. Allow me to show you why I have earned the name The People's Sheriff.

My Values

Restore the HONOR and TRUST of the badge to the community.
Re-affirming the oath and mission of fair law enforcement.
Re-investing in the community we serve and protect.

Implement a certified merit academy to equip and prepare ALL deputies for all functions within the office, which would include a standardized field training program.
Promotions will be performance and merit based with competitive pay to attract and retain the best and brightest.
End the practice of "pay to play," departmental nepotism, and favoritism. ​
More transparency and open lines of communication between my office and the community via social media and the department website.

Fiscal Responsibility
Launch budget-conscious initiatives that allow for a proper balance of funds towards deputy support, ​​inmate training, departmental operations, and jail procedures.
Re-assess outsourced expenditures such as medical staff, food preparation and commissary. As well as, re-evaluating spending practices across the board, maintaining proper stewardship resources.

Design and implement programs to help improve and protect inmate's well being.
Address the growing suicide epidemic within the jails by implementing suicide prevention tactics and onsite mental health professionals.
Establish practices and programs aimed at reinstating a higher standard of community policing to address high crime areas and at-risk youth.
Solve the escalating recidivism, which is "repeat offenders" rates in Marion County among those serving five years or less through work release and outsource programs.
Understanding incarceration impacts more than just the inmate, it has a collateral negative effect on their families and friends. We will strive to be professional, judgement free and fair for all. 

Departmental Improvements

Community Policing
Reestablish a close partnership with all Marion County police agencies.
Create a community liaison team to work with local neighborhood crime prevention organizations to renew communications between MCSO and the surrounding communities.
Work with active leaders in community based organizations such as PAL Club, 10 Point Coalition, Clean to Green, and others.

Rebuilding Image
Revitalize the noble profession of policing by holding all deputies to the highest standard both on and off duty.
Refocus on improved training and certifications for deputies to ensure their ability to perform any task or duty at hand.
Create a positive presence in the community by building constructive relationships with youth and investing our time and mentorship towards them and the programs that benefit and support their growth.

Jail Management
Due to high turnover rate and unsafe working conditions, I will focus on proper jail staffing levels to ensure the safety for both deputies and inmates.
We will establish a single standardized system to monitor the proper intakes, releases, and out of county inmate holds.
Staff mental health professionals to better accommodate inmates suffering from mental illnesses and suicidal risks.
Revisit problematic areas within the function of inmate care such as commissary, telephone protocol, visitation, practical life programs, and many other points that need addressed.

Restructure Department
Reestablish focus on the primary five duties of MCSO.
Address the wage, responsibility, and opportunity imbalance of current deputies that will allow for better job advancement and wage parity. This is in intended to give new resolve and vigor for existing deputies.
Establish a certified training academy to ensure that all MCSO deputies are fully cross-trained and equipped to deal with any situation.
A complete restructuring of the 911 Communications Center, by establishing competitive pay for all communications staff; investing in multi-lingual operators; and developing a faster, more thorough response time. Specifically focusing on low budgets, and outdated contracts and equipment.

Partnership with Area Law Enforcement Agencies
Increase number of transport wagons in the field during high arrest times and place priority on reducing wait times for officers.
Establish a consistent line of communication with other local law enforcement command staff.



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